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woman holding hand to head looking stressed and experiencing anxiety and perfectionism with food

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Experiencing anxiety, perfectionism and low-self esteem on your food freedom journey is quite common. Get some tips to overcome them here!

Jenn of The Intuitive Nutritionist holding a bowl of salad answering the question can I crave vegetables?

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Ever thought it was nearly impossible to crave vegetables? It’s happened to me now that I’m an intuitive eater, so let’s chat about it.

woman sitting on a couch wearing green pants looking for mental health support on an intuitive eating journey

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Learn how to take care of your mental health while on an intuitive eating journey from Rebecca of Work in Progress with 5 tangible tips!

Blurry image of a woman's torso holding a laptop and water bottle while walking and wondering how to practice intuitive eating for a busy life

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If you’re thinking “I just don’t have enough time,” let me teach you how to practice intuitive eating for a busy life in this article!

a conversation on slow living with Haley of Uplift Lifestyle and Jenn of The Intuitive Nutritionist - graphic of Haley and Jenn

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Do you desire more slow living in your life? Tune into this rich and personal conversation for how we’re embodying slow living in our lives.

Woman pushing some treats away feeling guilty after eating

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Why am I feeling guilty about food? If you’re wondering this, check out these 5 steps to stop feeling guilty after eating.

Image of a plate that has been fully eaten depicting the clean plate club

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This article dives into what the clean plate club is and how to cancel your membership to it so you can finally leave this habit behind. 

Woman sitting on a yoga mat with hands in prayer pose embracing radical self love

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Learn how to apply radical self love to your life. You are inherently worthy, no matter what your body size is, or what society says.

Image of a woman holding a candle embracing her values for intuitive eating success

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How do your values and intuitive eating go together? Focusing on your values can be a wonderful tool to find intuitive eating success!

Girl licking icing off her fingers wondering what to do after binge eating

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Wondering what to do after binge eating? Try these 7 steps to feel better and take care of your overall well-being after bingeing.

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How Can You Overcome Binge Eating?

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Flash forward to today – I healed my own relationship with food, it was possible after all. And now using my personal experience, education, and expertise as a Food Freedom & Intuitive Eating Registered Dietitian, I help women just like you overcome binge eating & emotional eating so that you can truly live your life as your most authentic self. 

I thought I’d never ever be able to feel at peace with and in control around food. 

Like many women, I got trapped in the diet-binge cycle – flip flopping between tracking everything I ate into MyFitnessPal and binge eating all the fun foods in the house. It felt very out of control, when all I wanted was to feel in control of my eating habits. 

I'm Jenn. Former Binge Eater turned Food Freedom Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

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