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Women eating pizza and fries wondering what the difference between binge eating vs. overeating is

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What is the difference between binge eating vs. overeating? Learn the key differences between binge eating and overeating. Plus, a checklist!

Woman pushing a burger away wanting to overcome the constant struggle with food

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If you’ve been feeling an element of being “stuck” in a constant struggle with food, this episode is one you don’t want to miss!

Women coming together and holding hands inside of the embodied food freedom group coaching program

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Learn more about the Embodied Food Freedom group coaching program that teaches you how to stop binge eating, overeating and emotional eating.

woman sitting cross legged learning how to feel good in your body while finding food freedom

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Learn how to feel good in your body while on a food freedom journey. Download the free bonus reflection guide to apply what you learn to your life!

Women staring at broccoli on a plate looking frustrated. Food is not the enemy!

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Hannah used to view food as the enemy, but after working on her relationship with food within Embodied Food Freedom, food is now her bestie!

Woman looking distressed wanting to learn how to forgive yourself after a binge

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As hard as you tried not to, you binged. Again. Now what? Learn how to forgive yourself after a binge, move on, and feel better!

getting your period back, menstrual health, period recovery

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Episode 041 – The Intuitively You Podcast Have you lost your menstrual period and are wondering what to do next? Whether you are looking to improve your fertility, support your reproductive health, or just want to make sure you are doing what you can to meet your body’s needs, this episode is for you. I […]

Sad woman on the couch with popcorn learning about the 9 signs of emotional eating

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Let’s dive into the 9 signs of emotional eating to look for. As well as some tips that you can dive into to overcome emotional eating! 

emotional hunger vs. physical hunger, signs of hunger, emotional eating

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Do you struggle to differentiate between emotional hunger vs. physical hunger? Do you find yourself eating to cope with your emotions and are wondering how to stop? In this podcast episode we dive into the differences between these types of hunger as well as how you can know which type of hunger you are experiencing. If you are ready to feel more in control of your food choices and address your hunger with confidence, keep reading.

Jenn licking the icing off of a cup cake, sharing the story of how I stopped binge eating

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Take a look into my journey of how I stopped binge eating. Learn what I had to stop doing and start doing to heal my relationship with food.

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Flash forward to today – I healed my own relationship with food, it was possible after all. And now using my personal experience, education, and expertise as a Food Freedom & Intuitive Eating Registered Dietitian, I help women just like you overcome binge eating & emotional eating so that you can truly live your life as your most authentic self. 

I thought I’d never ever be able to feel at peace with and in control around food. 

Like many women, I got trapped in the diet-binge cycle – flip flopping between tracking everything I ate into MyFitnessPal and binge eating all the fun foods in the house. It felt very out of control, when all I wanted was to feel in control of my eating habits. 

I'm Jenn. Former Binge Eater turned Food Freedom Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

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