Intuitive eating coaching programs to help you overcome binge eating & emotional eating so you can embody your version of food freedom.

A simplified, soul-centered approach to go from feeling out of control to at peace with food.

work with me

Trust yourself around food

Keep your fav foods in the house without overdoing it on them

Enjoy those foods mindfully & without guilt

Eat in a way that makes you feel your best - mind, body & soul

Work with your body instead of fighting against it

I'm here to help you make that happen.

Imagine a life where you were able to:

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A 1:1 food freedom coaching journey where intuitive eating meets neuroscience-backed mindset techniques to create peace with food that lasts. The program for you if you're looking for individual 1:1 guidance for your relationship with food healing journey.

Mind Body Magic

Private Coaching

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Get instant access to the self paced course designed to help you learn how to *actually* listen to your body and how to stop eating when you’re comfortably full. This bite-sized program is for anyone who's ready to master their fullness cues.

Full & Free

Self Paced Course

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Take your food freedom journey a step further with these mindset practices, guided coaching audios, and meditations that allow you to implement intuitive eating into your day-to-day life with ease. 

Food Freedom Mindset Bundle

Daily Instant Support

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*Embodied Food Freedom is currently on pause*

A 4-month highly supportive, small group intuitive eating coaching program for those who are struggling with binge eating or emotional eating and are ready to finally stop feeling out of control around food for good, find their version of food freedom, and get tailored guidance & support to get them there.

Embodied Food Freedom

Group Coaching

Looking for professional speaking engagements?

Are you looking for an Intuitive Eating Registered Dietitian to support for your next event, lunch & learn, workshop, or guest coaching session? 

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It's time to come home to your inner wisdom & finally feel in control around food so you can live your most aligned life!

The Freedom Method

the method

A holistic approach to food freedom.

Let go of any lingering restriction with food (bye-bye MyFitnessPal 👋🏼), learn how to confidently nourish your body, and eat without rules.


Re-Nourish Your Body 

My proven method that's your new roadmap to finding peace with food that lasts.

Rewire your limiting beliefs about food, challenge your inner food police voice, and make peace with fun foods in a non-overwhelming way.


Rewire Your Mind

Rebuild trust & safety within your body through positive coping tools so that you can create space to truly feel at peace with food & yourself.


Regulate Your Emotions 

(+ nervous system)

Prior to working with Jenn, a lot of my mental bandwidth was taken up with fear, guilt and lack of control around food. I struggled with the good/bad narrative and was stuck in a loop of binge and restriction with a lot of my favourite foods. Since working with Jenn I have noticed how much headspace I have without thoughts of food consuming my thoughts, and enjoy favourite foods without feeling guilty or out of control. I would absolutely recommend Jenn to anyone considering an intuitive eating journey.

“I can enjoy favourite foods without  feeling guilty or out of control.”


I can’t begin to explain how much Jenn has helped to heal my relationship with food and my body. It was so empowering and allowed me to regain control of my body confidence and love eating again without guilt for the first time in years. I will be forever grateful for the inspiring guidance and warm energy that Jenn radiated during our time together.

"Eating without guilt for the first time in years."


Before working with Jenn I was obsessed over food and weight. Now, I am much more peaceful surrounding food. I no longer obsess, or binge when the “naughty” foods are present. I have found neutrality regarding my body image which feels incredible. Jenn gave me confidence to do things that scared me, she is patient and understanding. And mostly just a beautiful person, and very easy to talk to.

“I no longer binge when the 'naughty' foods are present.”


Before working with Jenn I was stuck in a diet-binge cycle, restricting and had an all or nothing mindset. While working with Jenn I was able to let go of the cycles and embrace intuitive eating. Not only did my relationship with food change completely but also my confidence and body image has grown and evolved. I will forever be grateful to Jenn and how she coached me into changing my food life and would recommend her 100%!

“Working with Jenn was life changing.” 


Before working with Jenn I was so focused on following specific meal plans to meet my weight loss goals even if I knew it wasn’t a sustainable way of living for me. After working with Jenn I have learned that weight loss does not equal health. I have come home to my body and learned to listen to what it needs and when it needs it. Intuitive Eating has taught me that I am not just eating for my body but also for my mind and soul. It taught me to love my body at any size and that as I continue to change through different stages in life that it is normal. Learning to listen to my body in everything that it needs has been a life changing experience and something I will have in my life forever.

“Intuitive Eating is so much more than just food.”


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