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I'm Jenn Baswick

Dietitian & Intuitive Eating Coach

It took me several years until I was able to really connect with myself, realize my worth, and understand that food is not the enemy. I believe that intuitive eating, mindfulness, embodiment, and gentle nutrition are the keys to becoming your healthiest and most authentic self. I want to show you how you can incorporate these practices into your life so that you can finally improve your relationship with food and you body and live your most aligned life!

Intuitive Eating, mindfulness
and Embodiment Work are my Foundations.

I'm Jenn, and I'd love to tell you a little about my journey. I grew up in a small town and had a great appreciation of food since I was a little girl picking vegetables out of the garden with my family. When I was a teenager, my obsession with nutrition kicked in. I wanted to be thin, toned, and have that ever so sought after "bikini body." This led me down a long path of restricting, bingeing, and just being completely unhappy with myself and my body. Then, I went to university and studied nutrition and kinesiology. I'd love to say that instantly made my health behaviours improve, but it didn't. 

I'm a dietitian on the pursuit of helping women become their most authentic selves through food freedom and the power of intuitive eating 

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I Am Woman - Emmy Meli 

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Tune into the first episode of the Intuitively You podcast to hear more about my story. How I went from a negative relationship with food and my body, to the journey of food freedom, to where I am today helping women just like you do the same! 

My Journey

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Registered Dietitian 
College of Dietitians of Ontario

Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor 
The Original Intuitive Eating Pros

Body Image Coach 
Body Image with Bri 

Master of Health Science in Nutrition Communication
Ryerson University 

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics 
Brescia University College

Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology 
Western University



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