I thought I’d never be able to escape the dreaded diet-binge cycle. Chocolate covered almonds used to be my arch nemesis, but today they’re just another food I can enjoy mindfully, without guilt or shame.

Former binge eater turned food freedom dietitian & intuitive eating coach here to help you finally feel at peace with food, for good.

hey there

I'm Jenn

I’m on a mission to help you do the same.

I’m a Food Freedom Dietitian & Certified Inutitive Eating Counselor

In a nutshell:

who specializes in helping women overcome binge eating & emotional eating through a simplified, soul-centered approach.

I thought I’d never be able to feel at peace with and in control around food. 

Like many women, I tried every diet in the book to try and change myself, because that’s what we’re told we ‘should’ do, right? From 21-Day Portion Fix, to Kayla Itsine's BBG, to tracking everything in MyFitnessPal, and everything else in between – none of it ever lasted. I just ended up flip flopping between trying to ‘eat right’ and binge eating, wishing I just had enough willpower to finally make it all better.

Half-eaten bag of chocolate covered almonds in one hand, phone in the other. I frantically Googled “how do I stop binge eating?” as the tears rolled down my face. 

Tried all the diets. Nothing ever worked. Ended up stuck in the binge eating cycle.

My past self - trying to eat "clean," exercising a lot, But Binge Eating in secret..

I help women just like you finally feel comfortable & in control around food too. 

Flash forward to today – I healed my own relationship with food and body years ago, it was possible after all. And now using my personal experience and expertise as an Intuitive Eating Coach and Food Freedom Registered Dietitian,

I'd love to get support

this work is about more than just the food.

I truly believe that

It’s time to try something new, find lasting change, and embody your version of food freedom. 

When women embody their version of food freedom they’re able to re-connect with their own inner wisdom, increase their self-worth, and truly live life as their most authentic selves.

To let go of the negative beliefs about food & your body that are holding you back from your full potential, you must have an open mind to try something new. Because let’s be real, if you’ve had to restart all those diets & programs again and again, did they ever truly ‘work’?

You may have seen me in

Found a sense of ‘control’ with food & binge eating got a lot worse 

No one knew, it was one big shameful secret


Obsessed with being ‘healthy’ & in the midst of trying all the diets

My mom passed away 💛 and it turned my world upside down


Started studying Kinesiology

Created a secret IG account to document my journey with Kayla Itsine’s BBG 😅


Started studying Nutrition

Still binge eating in secret & miserable, looked like everything was fine from the outside 


The yoga class that changed my life 💫

Found out about Intuitive Eating & finally reached out for support


Did the deep work on my relationship with food – it felt hard, but was SO worth it! 

Stopped binge eating, could keep fun foods in the house again, felt at peace for what felt like the first time in forever


More this way

when it all changed

Started ‘The Nourishing Yogi’ IG account to share about my newfound holistic approach to nutrition & wellness

Met my partner, A


Graduated with a BSc in Nutrition & Dietetics & BA in Kinesiology

Started my Masters program

Created the blog!


Completed my Dietetic Internships at a community health centre, family health team, grocery story, and Body Brave Canada

Body Image Supervision with Brianna Campos

Switched name to ‘The Intuitive Nutritionist

Started offering coaching

Got my Luna, my very floofy cat


Graduated with a MHSc in Nutrition Communication

Officially became a Registered Dietitian

Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor


Embodied Food Freedom group program was born! 

Launched the Food Freedom Mindset Bundle

Moved in with A


& there’s so much more to come!


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all the official official titles

The years that got me to where I am today

my journey

Let's Do This!

Is it your time to shine and finally break free from that binge eating cycle? I’m here as your intuitive eating coach to help you learn how to keep your fav foods in the house, eat them mindfully with control, and without guilt or shame! 

Let’s work together! 

Feeling aligned & ready to transform? 

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