with Jenn Baswick, Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor & Body Image Coach

Intuitive Eating Dietitian Speaking Engagements & Workshops

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  • Intuitive eating 
  • Gentle nutrition
  • Mindful eating 
  • Non-diet approach to health
  • Health at every size
  • Disordered eating awareness
  • Emotional eating 
  • Binge eating & overeating
  • Positive relationship with movement
  • Holistic wellness
  • Mindset & mindfulness

My Favourite Topics to Speak About:

- Amy Campero, Career Plug Lunch & Learn

"Jenn was a delight to work with! She was responsive to my inital request, worked with me on what the content would be, and was a very fun and interactive speaker. I left the presentation with a few takeaways for myself that I could immediately put into practice and really enjoyed the way she delivered the information to our group."

"A very fun and interactive speaker"

"I asked Jenn to speak on a panel at my business conference to an audience of over 130 people - and I am so happy I did! Not only did she come fully prepared to answer questions, but she was incredibly knowledgeable on the topic, spoke with confidence and professionalism, and had insightful ideas to share with the audience. Jenn is a truly engaging speaker who keeps the audience interested and addresses topics in a well thought out way that clearly demonstrates her depth of knowledge and offers tangible takeaways for the audience. I'd recommend Jenn as a speaker for any talk where you want to provide practical advice and keep your audience engaged!"

- Nicole Haney, Goals & Gratitude Conference

Kind Words

"Jenn is a truly engaging speaker"

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You may have seen me in

Flash forward to today – I healed my own relationship with food, it was possible after all. And now using my personal experience, education, and expertise as a Food Freedom & Intuitive Eating Registered Dietitian, I help women just like you overcome binge eating & emotional eating so that you can truly live your life as your most authentic self. 

I thought I’d never ever be able to feel at peace with and in control around food. 

Like many women, I got trapped in the diet-binge cycle – flip flopping between tracking everything I ate into MyFitnessPal and binge eating all the fun foods in the house. It felt very out of control, when all I wanted was to feel in control of my eating habits. 

I'm Jenn. Former Binge Eater turned Food Freedom Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

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