The Story Behind “The Nourishing Yogi”

Flashback to 6 years ago when I came to the realization that I wanted to make an impact in other’s lives in any way I could. A few years after that, I decided to start with an Instagram account, and this is what it has turned into today.

I went through a few different ideas of what to call my brand – I struggled with deciding on a name for the longest time! I did know one thing, I needed a name that embodied me and everything I stand for. I wanted the name to have a deeper meaning and connection to everything I want to teach you on your journey to health and happiness. This is how I created “The Nourishing Yogi.”


The word nourish is special to me because it perfectly sums up what I want to give to others. I want nothing more than to nourish your life. The word nourish is defined as:

“to provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition”

Oxford Dictionary

Grape fruit, oranges, and lemons sliced with some strawberries and greenery spread out on a white table backdrop.

As you likely know, I am passionate about nutrition, studied nutrition in my undergrad, and am pursuing my master’s in nutrition communication. Of course, food is a huge source of nourishment for everyone! I really do think food can be “medicine” and provide health in many ways.

There’s that “or other substances” part to the definition of nourish that really speaks true to me and what I believe in. Health is not just nutrition, it is not just exercise, it is not just a good mindset. Health is a mixture of so many things combined and it should be treated that way. There’s no one fix approach to achieving health and happiness!

I want to nourish your life in any way I can and this is why I believe in a holistic approach to achieving your best self! So there we have it, the first part of my name had to incorporate “nourish.”

Once I decided on nourish, I knew I wanted something more that is unique to me. I needed to incorporate my passion for yoga into this somehow.


Then came along the idea of yogi. To me, the word yogi embodies the other half of my philosophy of connecting with yourself and your body.

Some define yogi as being a mystical yoga superhuman – but this isn’t the case for me. My favourite definition of a yogi I have come across, and the one that reflects my beliefs, is:

someone who strives to be the best human possible and embodies the virtues of kindness, truthfulness, compassion, and patience towards others

Yoga Basics

Jenn of the nourishing yogi doing an upward dog yoga pose.

This one just hits home. Before I even came across this definition I knew I wanted to help others be the best versions of themselves, it was perfect!

Plus, kindness, truthfulness, compassion, and patience are all such important attributes to have, especially when you are working on your wellness journey. These match up with my approach to health and happiness perfectly:

  • Be kind to yourself throughout the process, you are only human.
  • Stay true to you. Trust your intuition and what your body is telling you.
  • Show yourself compassion every day. Love your body and love yourself unconditionally.
  • Be patient, there is never a “final destination” to being healthy. Enjoy the process and celebrate progress along the way.

I have been practicing yoga for over 8 years and know that it has definitely strengthened these qualities for me. Yoga isn’t about the poses you can do, it’s about really diving into your body and mind and understanding the connection between the two.

Put nourish and yogi together and there you have it, the story of “The Nourishing Yogi.” I’m so grateful to have this guiding philosophy that just feels right.

But it doesn’t end there. I also have an underlying meaning behind the logo I designed for The Nourishing Yogi that I would love to share with you.

The TNY Logo

Just like deciding on my name, it also took me a long time to design my logo. The logo I created is a mix between a beet and a lotus.

the nourishing yogi logo that is a mix between a beet and a lotus

The Beet

We’ll start with the beet. This represents the power of nutrition and a heart “beat.” The idea is that nutrition can nourish our bodies and enhance our well-being. Our bodies are extraordinary in all they do to just keep us alive, and our heart is at the very core of our being.

The Lotus

The lotus is a symbol of yoga and is a flower that develops under the mud. Then, each petal blossoms one by one into a beautiful flower above the mud into the sunlight. This represents that we all have struggles we face. It takes time and nurturing to blossom into the best version of yourself.

Together, the beet and lotus represent all that is The Nourishing Yogi. I want nothing more but to help you blossom into the healthiest, happiest very of you! All of these components are based on my three pillars: gentle nutrition, mindfulness and movement.

So, that’s the story of The Nourishing Yogi! I’m so grateful to have this platform to help others find peace with food and themselves. This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see where this wonderful journey takes us!

xo, jenn

  1. Lauren De Cloet says:

    It’s been an absolutely beautiful opportunity to watch you grow alongside this vision of yours Jenn. Keep doing amazing things! xo

    • Jennifer Baswick says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Lauren! It feels so amazing to share my journey with everyone and inspire others to work towards becoming the best version of themselves.


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