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Food Freedom Vision

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You'll Get:

Reflection journal prompts to shift into your food freedom mindset.

A bonus Food Freedom Visualization guided meditation to connect even deeper.

Get clear on what next doable steps you can take in your journey.

To solidify your food freedom vision to continue to practice embodying daily.

😌 The Power of Visualization: Visualization is a proven mindset technique that can help you "practice" success + see yourself achieving your goals before they happen. No wonder people like Oprah, Michael Jordan, and Jim Carey all used visualization to become the best of the best! 

🧠 Re-Write Your Food Mindset: Getting clear on what your authentic self truly desires in your relationship with food will help you to shift your mindset & be able to move forward with more ease.

✋🏼 Step Away From Diet Culture BS: Uncovering what doesn't work for you from all of the "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" of diet culture will free up more space for you to connect to what does work for you.

🔄 Repetition = Lasting Change: To change our behaviours with food, we need to create new habit pathways in our brains. A great way to do that? Repeatedly showing our minds what else is possible for us.

Why Cast a Food Freedom Vision?

It's time to start stepping the highest self version of you that embodies food freedom, now.

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