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Stress Free Holiday Eating 101

Give yourself the gift of peace, presence, and food freedom this holiday season!

Feel less out of control, and more in control, with holiday treats

Time to Actually Enjoy the Holidays and Stress Less over Food

After watching the Stress Free Holiday Eating 101 Free Masterclass, you will learn how to:

Feel your best (and not so icky) while eating at holiday dinners + feasts 

Not let negative diet + body talk from people around you get to you

Practice letting go of any food guilt or big emotions around the holidays

You'll learn how to feel more at peace and in control with food for the holidays, and beyond!

This Free Masterclass is the Gift That Keeps on Giving  🎁

Plus, you'll get the training workbook for FREE too! 

Everyone who signs up get access to the downloadable PDF workbook to follow along during the training and fill-in-the-blanks as you go! 

The Deets.

About the Stress Free Holiday Eating 101 FREE Masterclass:

Thursday, November 30th at 12:00-1:00pm EST


Virtually on Zoom, from the comfort of your own space


Completely FREE!


You'll Get:

A value-packed, engaging, and interactive hour long masterclass

Guided activities and prompts for real-life application

The FREE downloadable PDF workbook filled with all you need for stress free holiday eating! 

🎉 Value-Packed: This masterclass is filled with powerful insights and juicy actionable steps that will leave you feeling more confident this holiday season.

❤️ Feel Better: Gain a deeper understanding of your eating habits and how you feel around the holidays, and learn to break free from old patterns.

Positive Momentum: This masterclass is a taste of what I teach inside of my programs, this information is so valuable in creating positive change for your relationship with food. Doing this for yourself will propel you forward + help you get that much closer to a life of true food freedom!

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