The bite-sized program created for overeaters

Full & Free


to help you learn how to *actually* listen to your body and how to stop eating when you’re comfortably full.

If you catch yourself saying:

“I just can’t stop eating when I’m full!” 

My friend… it’s time to change that! 

Out-of-touch with your hunger + fullness cues.

Frustrated with eating past comfortable fullness often.

Confused about: 
  • how much to eat,
  • when to stop eating,
  • and how to stop eating when full.

No one really teaches us how to eat in a non-restrictive way that actually feels good and keeps us from overeating.

Are you feeling:

You don’t feel that hungry in the morning so you keep pushing breakfast off later and later, until it’s too late and nearly lunch time. You’re so hungry that you grab the quickest thing you can for lunch. It’s a busy day so you have your lunch while you answer some emails on your computer. 

Flash forward to the end of the work day, you’re suddenly starving again. You continue to grab mindless snack after snack as you prepare dinner. You’re having your fav family pasta dish for dinner and are so excited to eat it! You sit down with the intention to eat mindfully but you end up scrolling through the ‘gram as you eat.

Next thing you know, your plate is empty and you feel like didn’t even get to enjoy it! It’s just *so tasty,* so you grab more. 20 minutes later you end up feeling super stuffed and frustrated that you didn’t just stop eating when you were full. 

Still not feeling satisfied, the mindless (seemingly never-ending) snacking continues when you sit down to unwind with TV before bed. Yet again, you’re left wondering what the heck is wrong with you. How do you stop eating when full?! You wish you could just somehow find the willpower to “be good” with your eating for once. 

*and it all repeats tomorrow* 

If any of that resonates, you’re not alone. Eating in a more comfortable way and stopping when you’re full IS totally possible for you! 

Maybe it goes the same way nearly every day… 

- Deanna

"Because of Jenn’s help and support, I learned to listen to my body and can stop eating when I’m full, instead of eating all the food."

Feels pretty freeing, am I right? 

Stop eating when you’re comfortably full

Understand what listening to your body *actually* means and how to easily do it

Eat more mindfully so you can honour your hunger + fullness

Find satisfaction from meals and snacks to stop the “constant searching for more food”

In a couple of months from now you’re able to:

Imagine This

Now, close your eyes just for a moment and truly FEEL into what that would be like. Yes, right now! 

That’s why I can't wait to introduce you to Full & Free!

Full & Free

You have all the wisdom you need within yourself already. 

The bite-sized program to help you learn how to *actually* listen to your body and finally stop eating when you’re comfortably full.

Have you ever been told to “just eat when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re full!” and thought to yourself “I wish it was that easy, but I just can’t seem to do that.” Well, I’m here to tell you that’s because it’s just not that simple.

Learning how to eat in way that allows you to stop when you’re comfortably full takes some unlearning of all the diet culture rules (that got you out-of-touch in the first place) and relearning skills to connect back to your body’s cues. 

And that’s exactly what we’re going to do, re-find your inner wisdom together so you can finally eat comfortably and confidently! 


Full & Free is more than just a course – it’s tools, resources, community and support. This program is a collection of all the best strategies and techniques that will help you realistically and easily re-connect with your hunger and fullness cues so you can know when and how to stop eating when you're full.

It’s been carefully crafted for you by me – a Registered Dietitan, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and ex-overeater myself. I’ve helped many clients find trust in listening to their bodies to guide their eating habits using the exact same tools you’ll be getting within this program.

You just need a little guidance to re-connect with that inner wisdom. And that’s exactly why I created Full & Free for you!

Self-Paced Course 

What’s Included within Full & Free?

lifetime access

Learn all that you need to know to develop trust in your body’s cues and stop eating when you’re comfortably full in 3 modules with 10+ video lessons. 

Downloadable Resources 

Worksheets, handouts, activities and more to help you take action with ease. Ones that make it simple to implement in your day-to-day life.

Dietitian-led Guidance

You can feel confident in your journey of learning how to trust your own inner wisdom to guide your food decisions with this guidance from me, a Registered Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor. 

Get lifetime access* to the course + resources! So you can continue to implement and refine whenever you need.

Mindful Eating Exercise Guided Audio

Oh and, did I mention some incredible bonuses are coming your way too?!


To refine your practice of mindful eating and get good at it so that it becomes second nature in daily life.

3 Bonus Lessons! 

  • Developing a Food Freedom Mindset – nurturing your mindset from a lens of food freedom is key to moving forward because mindset is at the core of all that we do.

  • Should I Eat If I’m Not Actually Hungry? – walking you through what to do when you want to eat, but you’re not actually hungry. 

  • Why Do I Keep Eating Even if I Feel Full?! – a lesson dedicated to helping you troubleshoot your fullness cues and understand what else may be getting in the way of your peaceful eating experience.

Balanced Eating Guide Resource

A guide to help you create your filling and satisfying meals & snacks with ease.

Within Full & Free, we'll dive into what you actually need to know to have a comfortable eating experience!

It's not as simple as just "eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full"

Let’s learn how to finally stop eating when you’re full, shall we?! Fullness can be super confusing when you’re not equipped with the right knowledge, skills and techniques to understand it. This module will teach you how to know what fullness feels like to you, things that impact it, and how to feeling confident to stop eating when you’re comfortably full.

Module 3: Feel Your Fullness

You can’t master your fullness until you’re able to eat in alignment to your hunger cues first. This module will teach you how to recognize your hunger, explore it, honour it, and learn if it’s okay to eat at times when you’re not physically hungry.

Module 2: Honour Your Hunger 

Diet culture kinda f’d up our ability to tap into our inner eating wisdom – aka, it’s not your fault. So first, we need a solid foundation to build upon to be able to stop eating at comfortable fullness. Learn the skills you need in order to listen to your body, let go of anything that may be holding you back, and make meals and snacks that set you up for success.

Take a peek into the video lessons you’ll receive! 

sneak peek

Module 1: Eating Foundations 

  • How do I stop eating when I’m comfortably full? 

  • What do I so if I can’t “hear” my hunger or fullness cues? 

  • How do I practice listening to my body’s cues when life is just so busy!?

  • I eat really fast. How can I slow down and listen to my body? 

  • How do I build a filling and satisfying meal or snack? 

  • Should I eat if I’m not actually hungry?

  • Why do I keep eating even if I feel full? 

Within Full & Free you’ll find answers to questions like:

Still feeling curious? I got you covered!

Plus, you’ll be able to ask whatever questions come up as you complete the program right within the community and also on the live Q&A call! Can you say – no stone left unturned (or question left unanswered)! 



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I thought I’d never ever be able to feel at peace with and in control around food. 

I’m passionate about helping women improve their relationships with food because I’ve been there (or somewhere similar) too.

Growing up, I too was bombarded with diet culture messages - from Cosmopolitan magazine, to Pinterest "thinspo," to Kayla Itsine's BBG and everything in between. I wanted to change my body to fit in and be (what I now know as) that false version of beautiful and worthiness. So, I tried every diet and exercise plan I could get my hands on. 

Then, I thought I’d never escape that dreaded binge-restrict cycle. Bag of chocolate covered almonds in one hand, phone in the other. I frantically Googled “how do I stop binge eating?” as the tears rolled down my face.

I'm Jenn. Non-diet Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, cat mom, and cookie dough lover. 

hey there

Flash forward to today - I healed my own relationship with food and body years ago, it was possible after all. And now using my own personal experience and expertise as an intuitive eating RD, I help women just like you do the same. 

You may have seen me in

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Got questions? I’ve got answers! 

You’ll get instant access to the program’s video lessons and resources upon purchase. Watch and replay any section of the program whenever you’d like, so you can learn when it best works for you! 

All of the content is unlocked for you once you purchase. You will then have lifetime access* to the Full & Free course materials, as long The Intuitive Nutritionist and the hosting platform of the program continue to operate. Should any of this ever change (we sure hope it doesn’t!), you will be notified well in advance. (*Please refer to Terms of Use at checkout for further details) 

Good news - there’s no such thing as failing over here! This isn’t another diet plan that’s unsustainable. Full & Free will give you the knowledge, skills and guidance you need in order to learn how to *actually* listen to your body, honour your hunger, and finally stop eating when you’re comfortably full. If you ever feel like you need to refine your practice of this, you’ve got lifetime access to the video lessons and resources to give yourself a refresher! 

This program is designed to help people with a history of dieting or disordered eating habits find confidence connecting to their body’s eating cues. It’s not meant for individuals with active eating disorders or in the early phases of eating disorder recovery since hunger and fullness cues can often be unreliable when living with an active eating disorder, among other reasons. If this is you, please know that I’m proud of you for choosing recovery and would be happy to have you purchase this program later on in your journey. 

All sales are final. Due to the downloadable nature of the content, no refunds are available for this product.

If you’re here reading this, I’d like to guess, yes! If you’re someone who wants to stop eating when you’re comfortably full, eat mindfully, understand how to find satisfaction from meals, and find confidence in eating in alignment to body’s cues this program was designed specifically to help you get there. If you’ve been out-of-touch from your body’s cues for a while, maybe years, I’m here to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and guidance you need so that you don’t have to struggle any longer.

I get it. Trying something new and putting yourself first is scary, and hard. Please know that you deserve to find more peace in your relationship with food and ability to stop eating when you’re comfortably full. Even though working on these things are vulnerable, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth it to try! Short on time and have a busy life? I’ve designed Full & Free in a way that makes it super easy to learn from the bite-sized video lessons and implement any activities with ease. I’m all about helping you tailor this program in a way that works for your life. You’ll have the resources for life, so there’s no rush either. You can learn & implement at whatever pace works for you.

Shoot me an email at! I’m here to answer all your questions and help you feel confident in joining Full & Free.

- Mayra

“I have come home to my body and learned to listen to what it needs and when it needs it.”

It’s time to learn how to *actually* listen to your body, honour your hunger, and finally stop eating when you’re comfortably full.

You deserve to learn how to trust your body & eat comfortably!

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