Break free from the binge & emotional eating cycle and embody your version of food freedom.

No dieting or willpower required.  

Embodied Food Freedom

The EFF Program is Currently on a "Pause"

Enrolment is closed, and we're not sure when the doors will open again

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Finally keep the cookies, candy, and chips in the house without feeling out of control or having a snack turn into a binge

Get your brain space back to focus on what you truly enjoy instead of stressing over & thinking about food 24/7

Feel more at home and at peace with your here-and-now body, without constantly striving to “fix” or change it

Trust yourself to go on spontaneous ice cream dates

Eat your fav foods mindfully, without overdoing it every single time 

Nourish yourself in a way that makes you feel your best: body, mind, and soul

Be present and enjoy food without guilt or stress at girls nights and family gatherings

Truly trust your body’s inner wisdom to guide your eating choices and take care of your overall health & well-being.

Finally say you’re binge free! 

Imagine a life where you could:

Would you...

But it's not just about the food.

Our eating habits don't just impact us while we’re eating, their impact spills over into all areas of our lives.

  • No longer miss out on social events?
  • Be more present with family & friends?
  • Feel more confident?
  • Show up fully as your authentic self?
  • Go after your career goals?
  • Start dating again? Or be more intimate with your current partner?
  • Stop holding yourself back? 
  • Be a positive role model for your (future) kiddos?

If you were able to let go of the struggle with food & your body, how would your life change? 

That’s the power of Embodied Food Freedom.

Feels pretty freeing, am I right? 

Close your eyes just for a moment and truly FEEL into what it that would be like to be more in control around food, feel more at peace with your body, and be able to show up fully in your life. (Yes, right now!) 

Actually, the processes I teach you inside of Embodied Food Freedom are meant to help you eat those fav foods in a more mindful way. So you can enjoy them when you truly want to, in amounts that feel good to your body, and be able to stop eating them when it feels right. This is about taking your power back with food, instead of the food having power over you! 

“If I let myself have my fav foods, I’d just be elbows deep in the ice cream tub, box of cookies, or bag of chips All. The. Time…”

Maybe you're thinking "Jenn, I wish!"  but that little voice in your head sounds a little more like this right now:

Let me let you in on a little secret – the things like MyFitnessPal, WW, willpower, and any other tactic out there that stems from diet culture, hasn’t worked for you because it’s not sustainable OR made for you & your body. I’m here to guide you through something completely different. Something that allows you to let go of all the BS bandaid solutions, get to the root cause of your food struggles, and apply proven strategies that bring you back to your inner wisdom with food. After all, nothing changes if nothing changes.

“I’ve already tried to get a grip on my eating habits and tried so many things from MyFitnessPal, to WW, to trying to use more willpower, and nothing seems to work for me… so why bother trying another new thing?!” 

Quite the opposite actually happens when you follow my Freedom Method to making peace with food. You become more empowered to choose to eat those fun foods on your terms, instead of just being powerless whenever the urge strikes. Allowing all foods (the cookies AND the veggies) to fit in your life IS having a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Your weight may go through some “healing fluctuations” along the way, but the goal is to get off that rollercoaster of your body yo-yo-ing while stuck in the diet-binge cycle. 

“If I allow myself to make peace with “junk” food, I’ll just be even more out of control, end up gaining weight, and be unhealthy!"

There’s another way. With Embodied Food Freedom, you get to find a way of eating that feels best to YOU. 

  • Feeling exhausted from overthinking and worrying about food

  • Hating on your body in the mirror every day and feeling like you need to diet again to change it

  • Telling yourself, “Today will finally be different. I’ll be good. I won’t binge/overeat.” day in and day out, only to find yourself polishing off a pint of Ben & Jerry’s later that day.

  • Feeling guilt & shame every time you eat your fav foods

  • Avoiding food-related social events (which, let’s be real, almost all social events are!) to not deal with the stress or temptation

  • Mindlessly reaching for the chips or candy every time you feel stressed, bored, or overwhelmed then feeling icky afterward

  • Playing small in your career or love life because you don’t feel confident in your body.

  • Feeling stuck & like you’ll never be able to be “normal” around food…

If you're tired of:

and Embodied Food Freedom is your path forward.

guess what?

This doesn’t have to be your reality anymore,

What would it be like to embody your version of food freedom?

let me show you!


Embodied Food Freedom

A 4-month, highly supportive, small group coaching program to stop feeling out of control around food & create a healthier relationship with food and your body.

A highly supportive small group coaching experience with me, and up to ~10 other amazing humans who are feeling empowered to find peace on their journey to food freedom, by your side the entire time.

As a Registered Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, I walk you through The Freedom Method: my proven step-by-step method that teaches you how to stop bingeing, overeating, and emotionally eating so you can experience peace with food and trust in your body. 

You’ll walk away from this program knowing how to navigate your food cravings & urges, eat your fav foods mindfully without overdoing it, nourish your body in ways that make you feel your best, and feel more at home in your here-and-now body.

All so that food & body stress no longer hold you back from living the life you know you’re meant to live, once and for all.  

Embodied Food Freedom will provide you with the support, guidance, tools, and action steps you need to finally end the war with food and your body.

Consider this your roadmap to step into the the version of you who embodies peace, freedom, and confidence with food!

The version of you who lets go of the struggles with food & your body so that you can become your most authentic, highest self.

No more second-guessing your path to food freedom. Throughout the program, you’ll get constant support from me, as well as from your Embodied Food Freedom peers who are also walking the same, brave journey towards breaking free from the diet culture mentality, feeling more in control around all foods, and finding peace with their bodies. 

I’d love to help make food freedom a reality for you too. 

It’s time to break free from binge eating, overeating, and emotional eating and embody your version of food freedom. 

I whole-heartedly believe you can have a peaceful relationship with food, because I’ve been where you are and have come out the other side. And have helped numerous clients do the same! Keep reading to learn more about my own personal journey + my clients journeys from clean eating, to binge eating, to intuitive eating.

What’s Included?

When you join EFF you’ll get: 

60-minute Live Group Coaching Sessions 

Get the tailored binge eating coaching you need to improve your relationship with food. 
  • 3x sessions per month for 4 months (that's 12 total)
Groups stay small, no more than ~10 lovely humans, so you get coaching time just for you!

Private Community Support Group

A community to connect with everyone in the group (and me!) to support each other, share thoughts, celebrate wins, ask whatever Qs you have, etc. (and don't worry, it’s not on Facebook!)

FREEdom Method Video Lessons 

The juicy goodness is in here! Learn everything you need to know with these video lessons walking you through each component of my proven Freedom Method. 

Action-Oriented Resources

Worksheets, activities, journal prompts & more – so you can take aligned action without overwhelm and with ease to embody your version of food freedom.

Ongoing Q&A support 

Get all your questions answered by me, a Registered Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, between group sessions to help you go deeper along your journey. 

Connection with Like-Minded Humans

Be part of a group of like-minded women working on improving their relationships with food too. Support each other and know you're not alone, because these people GET IT. Past participants love this part of EFF!

group coaching sessions will be on Wednesday's at 12:00-1:00pm EDT

Session Timing

Sessions will be on the following dates: 4/17, 4/24, 5/1, 5/8, 5/22, 5/29, 6/5, 6/19, 6/26, 7/3, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31. Please note: recordings will be available to watch should you need to miss a session.

Guest Expert session with a Body Image Therapist

I want you to absolutely thrive in this program, so I’m throwing in some bonuses for you! 

A bonus group coaching session that allows you to take a deeper dive into your relationship with your body!

Filling & Satisfying Meal & Snack Ideas Booklet 

A complete booklet of food inspiration to help you figure out what meals or snacks will support you in improving your relationship with food.

The Freedom Method

the method

A holistic approach to food freedom.

Let go of any lingering restriction with food (bye-bye MyFitnessPal 👋🏼), learn how to confidently nourish your body, and eat without rules.


Re-Nourish Your Body 

My proven method that's your new roadmap to finding peace with food that lasts.

Rewire your limiting beliefs about food, challenge your inner food police voice, and make peace with fun foods in a non-overwhelming way.


Rewire Your Mind

Rebuild trust & safety within your body through positive coping tools so that you can create space to truly feel at peace with food & yourself.


Regulate Your Emotions 

(+ nervous system)

You'll get access to video lessons + activities that walk you through my proven, easeful, and soul-centered approach within The Freedom Method. They're filled with the best tried and true strategies for lasting peace with food within the Embodied Food Freedom coaching program.

Learn all you need to know to finally break free from binge eating, overeating, and emotional eating and embody your version of food freedom.

It’s time to finally make food freedom your reality.

Before joining EFF I was struggling with all the dieting and tracking then the binging. I needed to stop living like this and not make diet culture the center of my world. I felt that I wouldn't be able to do it, but after completing the EFF program I have shifted my relationship with food. No more binging, no more weighing myself, looking forward to moments and not "diet culture goals", less food related stress, ability to live my life and not have diet/exercise or calories in/out rule my life. Jenn really listened and worked you through what you were dealing with throughout the program. I would absolutely recommend this program to others! 100%

"No more binging, no more weighing myself, looking forward to moments and not 'diet culture goals' "


"I cannot even begin to say all that this program did to help me grow in my relationship to food and my body. I wore a bikini for the first time, STOPPED weighing myself, STOPPED binging, gained more energy, learned to look at myself and my relationship with food with more compassion, found joy in food and movement again, and learned how to love myself and my body exactly how it is. Jenn and this program is incredible, and I'd recommend it to everyone wanting to improve their relationship with food and their body.”

"Jenn and this program is incredible, and I'd recommend it to everyone wanting to improve their relationship with food and their body.”


I joined Embodied Food Freedom and was introduced to the perfect group of ladies. We were all different, yet alike. We all had our individual struggles and supported each other through them. Jenn gently reminded us that the numbers on the scale and on our clothing, were not what matter – what truly mattered was that we all grew stronger, healthier, and happier individually, and together. This journey, led by Jenn, was loaded with information and practical applications. The sessions were full of support, grace, compassion and understanding as we improved our relationship with food, and our body. Thanks to Jenn and this journey, for the first time in my life, I am finally finding peace with food, and with myself.

"For the first time in my life, I am finally finding peace with food, and with myself"


“Before beginning this program, my main struggles included binge eating, not eating consistently and emotional / boredom eating. My goal going into EFF was to be able to keep fun foods in the house, while feeling in control and not feeling guilty. I never thought this was possible. It was a dream that I had for a long time. I can happily say I have achieved this with Jenn's knowledge, empathy, kindness, support, self compassion and grace. Jenn's program allowed me to understand the root causes of my disordered relationship with food and how I could be more confident in my food choices and life living in a larger body. I would 100% recommend this program to anyone who is looking to make a change, not be stressed out about food any longer and live a happier / more confident lifestyle in their current body.”

"More confident in my food choices and life living in a larger body."


The EFF program takes a logical, step-by-step approach to the concept of intuitive eating and body image work. Jenn expertly offers her vast knowledge in an environment that feels safe and non-judgemental. She guides you through the program, by your side, every step of the way. She is responsive to communications, is able to answer questions and address concerns with ease. I felt so comfortable sharing my personal story with her, by the end of the program she felt like a dear friend. She has helped to shift my mindset towards a lifestyle that has put me in a better mental space when it comes to food and my self image. I can honestly say Jenn and this program positively changed my life.

"A logical, step-by-step approach to the concept of intuitive eating and body image work."


I came across Jenn and this program at a time when I was considering another "42-day challenge to lose 15+ lb of fat" blah blah blah, etc, etc... and I knew that it just wasn't what I really wanted or needed but I didn't have the words to express why. Jenn helped me find the why - what I really needed was to heal my relationship with food. Jenn helped me figure out how to do that. She provided guidance and just the right level of coaching to help me navigate why I would overeat, why food was so scary, and how to refocus my energy on more important things in my life. I am so happy I found the Intuitive Nutritionist. The idea that I could sit at a table with food on my plate and not eat it and just chat with friends and family was so foreign to me and yet here I am in 2024 fully able to do just that.

"I can control myself around food & refocus my energy on more important things in my life"


How These EFF Clients Transformed

This could be you...

Lindsey's Journey

Listen to EFF Client Experiences on the Podcast

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Catrina's Journey

From the Diet-Binge Cycle to Peace & Ease with Food

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Floriane's Journey

Getting Unstuck After 1 Year of Trying Intuitive Eating

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Stela's Journey

Rebuilding Self Worth & Confidence with Eating

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Merrill's Journey

Freedom with Food, Movement, and Body

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Hannah's Journey

From Food as the Enemy to Food Becoming Her Bestie

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Lianna's Journey

Navigating Binge Eating, Grief, and Stress to Finding Food Freedom

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Madiha's Journey

All the Nutrition Knowledge... But Still Struggling

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Megan's Journey

Embracing Food Freedom While Living in a Larger Body

I was a serial dieter of 21 years - I hit diet bottom in June 2023. I was tired of always being hungry, doing all the things diet culture promised would bring me “success" and feeling like a failure. I started Jenn’s Embodied Food Freedom in September 2023 and I’m so glad I did! I have a totally different relationship with food, movement and my body now. I’m not starving all the time and I know my hunger and fullness cues. Jenn helped me challenge my food rules (and there were a lot of them) and feel more in control with the foods I really love. I no longer punish myself with exercise to “burn off“ or “earn“ food. But probably my biggest win is how much more accepting I am of my here and now body. I’m so happy I did EFF! Jenn was so kind, knowledgeable and non judgmental as a coach and the small group community is SO supportive and understanding! I’m so glad I get to live SO differently now!

"I'm much more accepting of my here and now body - I’m so happy I did EFF!"


"If you’ve struggled with diets, embodying your body with love and positivity and always stress about what you eat, this program is for you!!! You deserve to live free & focus on what’s important in life. Not about following a diet or depriving your self from food you truly enjoy! Our body’s know what they need and diet culture is smothering our natural ability to listen! This food freedom program Jenn has created will push you to focus on areas of your life that have been a contributing factor to your beliefs in your body and food. It’s so healing to release the heaviness of the diet culture that most of us have been raised to believe. We deserve freedom and healing and Jenn is the best coach and support that you can find. She’s here to support and help your heal your relationship with your self and with food. You will leave this program feeling relieved and having a fresh new perspective on life."

"We deserve freedom and healing and Jenn is the best coach and support that you can find."


I was unhappy with my relationship to food and always got down on myself when I couldn't meet diet or weight loss goals. I was stuck in a cycle of black and white thinking, good vs. bad and felt a lot of shame when I didn't "succeed". Jenn's program helped me to reframe my thinking and redefine my relationship with food. I learned how to take care of myself, listen to myself, treat myself with kindness and how to eat without guilt or shame. Jenn is realistic in her approach and equips you with the tools that will help you with where you are and what you are ready for. I strongly recommend the program to others! It has given me relief from my negative self-talk and helped me break out of the cycle of dieting for the first time in my adult life.

"Jenn's program helped me to reframe my thinking and redefine my relationship with food"


Before this program, I felt like I was so embedded in diet culture that I either had to measure, weigh, and record everything I ate and drank or I would overeat. I have always wanted to be thinner and more proportional and have constantly dieted, lost weight, and then gained it back for nearly 30 years. EFF boils things down; the videos are short and informative, and the coaching sessions were great. Jenn is clear, compassionate, and empathetic. This is not tough love; it is understanding that promotes self-acceptance. I now have a lot of freedom with food. I am listening to my hunger and fullness cues most of the time and I don't beat myself for eating when, what, or how much I want to eat. I am giving myself more grace and I am taking steps to respect and accept my body. I am very grateful to Jenn and grateful to myself for signing up.

"I don't beat myself for eating when, what, or how much I want to eat"


Before starting the EFF program I had been in the diet cycle for over 20 years. Being postpartum for the second time, I was sick of the guilt and shame that came along with diets and I just wanted to feel free of that while also feeling happy with myself. Jenn helped me put losing weight aside to try to focus on my relationship with food and did just that. Today, I don't crave or binge the fun foods because I know I can have them at anytime. When I do, I don't feel guilt or shame. Losing weight is still a high priority of mine, but I've put FEELING BETTER first, which comes from the food I eat and the movement I do. This is thanks to Jenn and the EFF program :)

"I don't crave or binge the fun foods & when I do, I don't feel guilt or shame "


More Past EFF Client's Stories

What's possible for you:



feeling at peace with food, eating confidently & feeling more at home in your body

binge eating, overeating & emotionally eating 

Embodied Food Freedom will take you

so you can truly live your most aligned, fulfilling, and free life. 

Flash forward to today – I healed my own relationship with food, it was possible after all. And now using my personal experience, education, and expertise as a Food Freedom & Intuitive Eating Registered Dietitian, I help women just like you overcome binge eating & emotional eating so that you can truly live your life as your most authentic self. 

I thought I’d never ever be able to feel at peace with and in control around food. 

Like many women, I got trapped in the diet-binge cycle – flip flopping between tracking everything I ate into MyFitnessPal and binge eating all the fun foods in the house. It felt very out of control, when all I wanted was to feel in control of my eating habits. 

I'm Jenn. Former Binge Eater turned Food Freedom Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

hey hey!

You may have seen me in

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Got questions? I’ve got answers! 

The next cohort of Embodied Food Freedom will begin mid-April 2024. If you join early, you will get an opportunity to save + get some special early bird bonuses to kickstart your journey!

Embodied Food Freedom is 4 months long (16 weeks). Improving your relationship with food and your body takes TIME. There are no quick fixes. EFF has been intentionally built as a 4-month program, so that you can acquire new tools and implement life long habits to feel really confident and at peace with food for the rest of your life! There is also an option for continued support after if you'd like.

Embodied Food Freedom is the right fit for you if you’re someone who: 
  • Feels guilty when you eat foods you enjoy
  • Is not able to stop yourself from bingeing no matter how hard you try to “willpower” yourself to do so
  • Thinks about & stresses over food 24/7 
  • Tries to be “good” with food all the time, but ends up overeating anyways
  • Reaches for food to cope with emotions
  • Is stuck in the binge-restrict cycle
  • Places your worth and value upon the number on the scale 
  • Knows that something needs to change but just doesn’t know how where to start
Still unsure? Once you apply, you can choose to book a discovery call for us to chat & help you find clarity!

Each cohort consists of a maximum of 10-15 lovely humans all working towards overcoming binge eating, overeating & emotional eating and on the pursuit of embodying their version of food freedom. The smaller group setting allows for a more intimate and personalized forum. You’ll feel like you’re getting an individual level of support within an uplifting group environment.

Good news - there’s no such thing as failing over here! There’s a pretty good chance you may have been approaching it in a way that wasn’t helpful for you, your life, or what you needed in the moment. Also, trying to do intuitive eating on your own may have led to confusion and a feeling of overwhelm. The definition of it “working” is different for everyone, but this program is meant to help you find a version of food freedom that aligns with YOU: your lifestyle and your values. After all, lasting change is all about coming back to your internal wisdom. The key? Keeping an open mind and trying something new!

In this space, healing your relationship with food is not about weight loss. However, it’s absolutely understandable why you may feel like you want to or need to lose weight. We live in a society that focuses on always striving for the thin ideal. The thing is, that’s not realistic, or healthy, for most of us. Focusing on weight loss will hold you back from actually healing your relationship with food and overcoming binge eating. So, will you lose weight? Honestly, no one can answer that. Weight loss may be a byproduct of behaviour change, but if you allow yourself to fully heal your relationship with food, your body will settle where it is naturally meant to and weight loss concerns will be a thing of the past. 

History has shown that the group coaching sessions give you all the coaching time with me that you would need to overcome binge eating, overeating + emotional eating in order to find food freedom.

There are no refunds for this program. Remember, you get out of this program what you put into it. If you’re fully committed for the entire 4 months, I am confident you will finish this program a different person than when you started.

We do not accept insurance at The Intuitive Nutritionist. Should you want to submit your invoice(s) to your insurance company for potential reimbursement, you absolutely can! There is no guarantee that this type of program will be covered on your plan, or in your region. 

Here's a quick breakdown of what to expect: 
  • 60-minute coaching calls 3x per month
  • No more than 30 minutes of video lessons per week
  • ‘Taking action’ and doing the work to implement what you learned should take you anywhere from 1-2 hours per week. 
You can absolutely do as little or as much of ‘the work’ as you’d like, but it is important to make the commitment to yourself in order to give yourself that food freedom you deserve. In total (including sessions), our clients typically spend anywhere from 2-4 hours per week on their work in this program. 

We can chat through all your Qs on a free discovery call once you apply. Alternatively, shoot me an email at! I’m here to answer all your questions and help you feel confident in joining Embodied Food Freedom.

- Mayra

“I have come home to my body and learned to listen to what it needs and when it needs it.”

Ready to finally break free  from binge eating, overeating & emotional eating and embody your version of food freedom?

It’s time to say goodbye ✌️ to feeling out of control around food, and hello 👋 to feeling more at peace and confident in your eating habits, body, and life!